The Real Cause Of Dagrin’s Death!

The Real Cause Of Dagrin’s Death!

Residents in Mushin in a new interview with Sahara Reporters, blamed the fatal night-time crashon the Nigerian police in Alakara station.

According to them, Policemen at the Alakara Police Command in the Mushinarea of Lagos State are notorious for illegal raiding, bribery, and even escapades of what some call ‘murder at night’.“I was there that night, and we did not even know at first that it was anyone (famous) like that. We were only helping to remove his body and to rescue him,” a young witness said.“What actually happened that night wasthat the policemen had stopped the cement truck at the middle of road, and of course, they could only be asking fora bribe.“

Unfortunately, the truck had no rear light, (of any kind,) and so the oncoming car was unaware of any vehicle ahead. It just rammed head on, into it from the back.“It rammed into the truck hard without holding the brakes at all, and that because the truck in its front, had no light to show anything was there.“So after we removed the body, we realized it was Da Grin, and he was groaning. They asked the truck driver to move forward and park out off of the road. They then moved Da Grin’s car afterwards so it would then look like he went to hit the truck where it parked.“We were not thinking about all these as an attempt to change the story. We were only concerned about helping the victim of an accident, and by when they finished their artificial story, the world was only waiting for Da Grin’s recovery.But news broke later that he had died atthe hospital.“

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What made their story work was that the car did not hold its brakes, so there was no sign of screeching on the ground. Otherwise, the marks of frictionfrom the tyres would be in the spot where it was removed, before parking it,and rearranging the scene.

“They did everything very fast, and by morning, they were no longer the causeof the accident.) Just like on Tuesday night, that they scared everyone away, and washed the blood stains of their victim within a brief period,” the young man continued.“Of course, they caused the accident that killed Da Grin. And that is how theycommit so much atrocities here in Mushin that the public will not know about, or what the truth is.“We live here and we see them live, every time.”The Alakara policemen are described as very apt, and swift, in immediately ‘cleaning up’ their dirty business, leaving behind little, to no evidence, of their atrocities…..


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